I recently had my first emotional clearing session with Isabel. I consider myself to be very open minded and intuitive, but I went into this skeptical that it would help the neck pain I’ve dealt with for years. During our remote session I could definitely feel physical sensations like energy around my body, and towards the end a noticeable relaxation in my shoulders. Afterwards I couldn’t figure out what I was feeling, until I realized it was an absence of tightness between my shoulder blades… which had been there so long I didn’t even realize it was bothering me until it was gone.
It’s been a week since my session with Isabel and I’m genuinely surprised at how much of the tightness and pain I’ve felt for years is gone now. Isabel also helped me realize that the issues I was having showed up shortly after a large traumatic event in my life, which had never occurred to me.
In the last week I’ve felt a heightened sense of creativity, ideas, clarity, and some up and down emotions as they clear out. All in all it was such a good experience I wish everyone around me could do it as well. Isabel is a gifted healer and her emotional clearing sessions are absolutely amazing!
L. Elizer (Lena Elizer Designs)