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Hi, I'm Isabel

Sociologist, Healer, 

Award-Winning Film Producer, Speaker, 

Author, Clairvoyant 

Superpower: Synesthesia 

"It is my purpose to bring your Soul to the heart of the matter."
~ The Joseph Communications

I am a visionary and catalyst for global change.


I serve as Sociologist, Multi-award Winning Film Producer of the film “The Power of Connection”, successful Inspirational Speaker, Author of my book “The Power of Faith-Driven Success”, Healer and Thought Leader.

For more than a decade, I have studied various facets of human connection and explored the emotions and conflicting messages that come with labels, unconscious bias, social programming, false identities, and ancestral, genetic, historical, and soul trauma.

Due to my unique gift of synesthesia, which allows me to see everything in color, I see the world as a beautiful dance that evokes compassion and sincere love for humanity.


My focus is on shattering cultural barriers and engaging in cultural transformation globally through aspects of emotional and self-awareness and through supporting the individual in healing trauma, releasing old belief systems and programming.

I support Souls to remember who they truly are through the work of releasing the layers of hurt, pain, and trauma that we have believed to be our true state of existence which caused chaos and division for way too long. 

It is time to rise up and create a future of commUnity, soul-connection, joy, peace, and freedom honoring ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. 



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What Clients Say

Isabel agreed to do a trial emotions clearing session with my highly sensitive daughter. She has been struggling with anxiety and anger for a while and I was hoping that we could find her some peace. She agreed to try it but was nervous. Isabel was AMAZING!!! She talked to her and explained some of the things that she was experiencing in a way that my daughter was easily able to understand while giving her confidence a boost, too. We were able to successfully release two trapped emotions. My daughter described it as being the rainbow that floats above the clouds. Since, she has been calmer, more focused, and my “happy” kid again. That night she asked me how soon she could talk with Isabel again. I can’t thank Isabel enough for helping us both!

Sarah, USA

"Only when the individual consciousness 

has been relocated to the heart can it grow."

The Joseph Communications