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Documentary Film | 64 min | 2021
Directed By: Isabel Hundt 
Audio Language: English 
Awards Won As of Date:  20+ National & International Awards                                             + Named Finalist/ Semi-Finalist
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Due to the urgency of the topic itself, we decided that we'd like to offer the film by donation. We'd like to recommend a $10 donation to help us offset distribution and production costs but won't send anyone away due to the lack of funds. 

As of today thousands have watched, and shared the documentary and are inspired to create more awareness, and therefore deeper connections and a more peaceful living within societies. 

We invite you to click on the button above to watch this powerful message of understanding, healing and awareness.

Share this documentary with friends and family to help us spread the word. 

If you encounter any challenges, please reach out to us via the Contact form. A donation made is non-refundable.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated! 

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Host A Screening

After more than ten years studying various aspects of human connection, I developed a deep-rooted urge to step away from my “normal” work as a sociologist, coach, and public speaker. I felt worn out and pressured to operate in a certain way to be considered successful. I surrendered to potential new opportunities and chose to trust in the process that aligns with my very own purpose in life. 

I hope to take this documentary on the road to universities, colleges, and potentially even high schools, and other institutions/ events that are open-minded to new ideas, to offer screenings followed by Q&A for deeper conversations about our future, aha-moments, and tangible ideas that viewers can implement on a daily basis that help them become part of the solution for transformation in our world. This film serves as a conversation starter to create greater awareness and bring forth creativity in the way we approach today's challenges. 


For any inquiries, please send us a message through our Contact Form.


Please Be Aware that Screening the Documentary at Events larger than 5 people is prohibited without permission from the producer. The screening of the film at events, conferences, and the like requires a screening permit associated with a fee. 


Coming Soon.
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