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"In a one-hour session, Isabel led me to release negative energy from a childhood trauma. At the conclusion of the session, I told her with full confidence that I am never going back. A few short weeks later, my self-worth and feeling of deservability have increased tremendously. I had no idea that I could feel this way because I had housed this negative energy for basically my entire life. I did not know that there was another way to exist! 

If anyone is looking to heal at either a macro or micro level, I overwhelmingly recommend Isabel as a major part of any comprehensive self-healing plan." ~ Vince, USA

Scientifically we know today that EVERYTHING is energy that flows through all things.

Energy Healing is increasingly accepted as one of the most powerful healing modalities in today's society.

Not only is it possible to bring healing to a hurting world but it also allows us to tap into our own power understanding our incredible capabilities to shift and heal what is at dis-ease within ourselves.

Basically, we are rediscovering ancient wisdom that has been part of who we are all along.


Energy Healing acknowledges the world as one with ALL THAT IS, the Source of Life. We live in a multi-dimensional universe in which our soul is on its journey toward oneness with Creator/ God/ Source. And while we are residing on Earth, within our current reality, we are facing many challenges and lessons that move us toward the realization of wholeness and healing once again. Nothing we have or create in this physical world has any worth except to serve as a tool for our own growth.


The essence of energy healing is to bend specific wavelengths to shift our perception of who we are and what we experience to expand the vibration of our Soul to its original state of consciousness. By using different energy healing modalities like Thetahealing, Clairvoyance/ Intuitive Healing, and Emotions Clearing Techniques, in combination with Somatic Psychology and Sociology, we are able to open the gateway into the subconscious mind through a meditative state (theta brainwave frequency) to release old, deep-rooted belief patterns, societal programming; generational, ancestral, and soul trauma (including soul contracts), as well as trauma that occurred throughout different lifetimes including our current lifetime.


What to Expect

In a session, we are working with the intuitive guidance and energy of God/ Creator of All That Is/ Holy Spirit/ Divine Intelligence. All power always comes from Creator, not the individual. Through targeted and skilled digging to the deepest layers of our subconscious thinking, we identify, understand, explore, and correct core beliefs that were instilled in us throughout our entire life. We will release programs related to certain challenges you are bringing to the session, and download new programming aligned with your Higher Self using the quantum field. We believe that through energy healing we are capable of creating psychological, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing.


My work overall is not about making you dependent on healing sessions, but enabling you to accept and understand your own power aligned with your higher self and teach you simple skills like muscle testing to enhance your own intuition to support yourself on a daily basis. I will also share additional exercises to support your journey even after your session(s). Healing sessions with a skilled practitioner, however, are of tremendous value when it comes to programs and beliefs that still serve you in one way or another, and therefore you would have a tendency to ignore or resist what needs to truly be healed when working through it on your own.

A healing guide, who is walking their talk, is able to look beyond the presented story and can find the fine lines and connections to the root cause of your challenges.


My unique gift of seeing everything in color (synesthesia) is also supporting my work with clients where I receive additional messages for your healing journey.


Each session will be over zoom or skype for me to be able to connect with you better and to give you the instructions you will need to make this session a successful one. There is no previous knowledge necessary.


Please be aware that each person's journey looks different. Your healing progress depends on your willingness and openness to the process, as well as, your level of awareness about yourself and the work you have done until now to enhance your understanding of who you are. I have worked with clients for almost a decade and it's been an honor seeing so many people take on the task of healing trauma related to abuse, life-changing events, childhood trauma, emotional distress, and more. I personally practice healing and meditation on myself daily and I also work with my own teachers and practitioners going deeper and deeper within with each additional session.


It's quite the adventure - and one with great rewards waiting for you. 

"I had my very first healing session with Isabel a few days ago, and it was amazing! She found emotional connections to one physical ailment I’ve had for a long time, and since the clearing it has improved! The energy around me felt so safe and comforting, it was unbelievable. Days later, I am still experiencing that feeling, and my state of mind is so much better. I can’t wait until my next appointment!" ~ Wendy, USA

(Check out more of the praises from clients)

Do [Have] you experience[d]:

  • unexplained physical and emotional challenges

  • turmoil in your life and nothing seems to work out as hoped

  • powerlessness to move beyond certain events from your past

  • fatigue, anxiety, depressive phases, frequent anger outburst, panic attacks

  • hopelessness but still a little flame inside of you is burning

  • a heavy weight of something you can't quite figure out what exactly it is

  • abuse of any form

After a successful session you can experience:

  • an increased sense of security and motivation

  • improvements in your health and current life situation

  • life with a renewed feeling of hope

  • a profound feeling of being fully alive from within

  • seeing changes within your relationships and your career

  • feeling burdens lifted

  • a shift in how you behave and show up in life

  • deeper and more authentic relationships

  • a greater flow of abundance in your life

  • a deep feeling of freedom, peace and joy

  • more love

  • clarity  and increased creativity

(Please be aware that results vary. You are responsible for your health and well-being. This session is no substitute for any kind of medical treatment or diagnosis. For more info, please check our Terms & Conditions.)

Book Your
Session Today

$150 for 60-90min

One session with an energy exchange of $150. The session will last 60-90min. (In some cases, paying via crypto currency (xlm/xrp) is possible. Please contact us via the contact page first.)

Book Your
4-Session Package Today


Four-session - package with an energy exchange of $475 due before we start.

However, if after the first session this work absolutely does not resonate (and we have openly and honestly talked about it and discussed it) you are eligible to receive part of your investment back and will only be charged for the one session ($150). (In some cases, paying via cryptocurrency (xlm/xrp) is possible. Please contact us via the contact page first.)

Refund Policy

A refund is only available if a cancellation has been made at least 48 hours in advance. If a session is booked for a Monday, the session needs to be canceled or rescheduled the Friday before, or the session is considered lost. Exceptions are emergency cases.

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates for your friends, loved ones, and/ or co-workers are available upon request. Please reach out via our contact page. You will be able to pay through our website and we will send you the certificate via email. 

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I received my degree in Social Science with a main focus on Sociology/ Psychology at the University of Siegen, Germany. I also obtained my certification as Ontological Coach and further education and certifications in Somatic Psychology - Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma, EMDR Training/ EMDR for Children, Emotions Clearing, Trauma Treatment Certification Training, Art Therapy, and Applied Educational Neuroscience.

Let’s Work Together

If you have any additional question, please reach out through the Contact page. Me or my assistant will get back with you within 48 hours max. After you have sent your energetic exchange in form of money, we will reach out via email to set up a time for your session. 

Please be aware that for most people only one session may not be enough. Most of my clients set up sessions monthly to receive the greatest benefit of this work. I personally continue my own healing journey despite having done so for over a decade already. 

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