I had a great session with Isabel. I had never tried theta healing before and I was a bit wary of any healing sessions as I have had bad experiences in the past. I found the session very interesting and surprising in a good way. Isabel was very calm and reassuring and found her voice very soothing. It was interesting to see how the session developed with different things coming up and how it all linked together. I felt calm and relaxed throughout and that I can openly talk with her. Since the session, things have started to move in my life and I definitely feel I can take more swift action without overthinking.


I just had a wonderful session with Isabel Hundt. I was having issues with self-esteem, money blocks, and trying to figure out who am I?  I thought I would learn a new meditation or some advice on what to do, but I was shocked by what came through her. She was in touch with the divine and told me things about myself that just resonated so much, I couldn't deny them. Bells went off in my head and I felt a calmness come over me and knew I was loved and that the universe was supporting me. I highly recommend a session with Isabel, she has such a big heart and knows how to get in touch with the universe to guide and help all of us! It truly was an eye-opening experience I will never forget.


I had an incredibly profound experience during my first session with Isabel. Amazing self truths were uncovered, some I was deeply aware of, and others that had never come to light before. In a very short space of time, I experienced a beautiful connection with Isabel and divine love and energy. Afterward, I felt I had been gifted and blessed with new knowledge and perspective that I will continue to learn from. I am deeply grateful.


I wanted to understand more about why I was struggling with certain emotions and perhaps what blocks were coming up for me. Through the theta healing session with Isabel, we were able to release many of those blocks, allowing me to gain clarity and understanding around where I need to heal.
I feel empowered, heart-centered, at peace, and with an awareness that will benefit not only me but also the important people in my life.
One thing my grandpa always used to say was, “be open to opportunities when they present themselves”. This session with Isabel I consider to be one of those opportunities, and I hold a lot of gratitude for her and the gifts she so willingly shares. 


Today I had my ThetaHealing session with Isabel. I’ve always admired her work, including her book The Power Of Faith-Driven Success and film, The Power of Connection. Isabel is professional, but aside from her achievements, she is personable, a great listener, and makes you feel like a friend. The ThetaHealing session experience was I N C R E D I B L E ! Conversation organically flowed and once tears started rolling, the work began. Isabel was able to naturally guide the conversation and pinpoint when trauma had been experienced/programmed into my subconscious, which was now influencing decisions, behaviors, and attractions. Together, we released old programs and downloaded new ones. We even aligned my Chakras! I felt such a renewed sense of energy by the end of the session! 10/10 Would Absolutely Recommend!


As I read Isabel’s personal experience with Theta Healing, as well as the experiences of those whom she’s guided, a small voice led me to schedule a session. I entered the session with an open heart and mind, prepared to share the one challenge I was currently navigating, as requested by Isabel. 

I wasn’t surprised that our session took a turn beyond the challenge I shared, however, I was quite surprised to be in my grandfather’s presence and “communicate” with him. When he passed away, I was devastated. As I listened to Isabel’s words, for the first time, I was able to see things from his perspective and realized that I had such a tight grip on his soul. From as far back as I can remember, we’ve always had a strong bond. 

It has been a few weeks since my session. I intentionally invested time to process my experience and to observe any changes within myself. To anyone else, it may be imperceptible, however, I can certainly say since my session I feel more grounded, more compassionate toward myself, and more courageous. I’m sure I will continue to observe more growth, and I’m also sure I’ll be booking another session with Isabel. 


Isabel is an excellent and powerful healer. Her warmth, opennesses, and connectedness resonate with me strongly. Each theta healing session with her was transformative! Every single time Isabel was able to connect with me deeply, identify the root cause for a disempowering belief I was aware of and those that I was not! She also helped me let go of beliefs that expressed themselves as physical pain. Each time, the experience was powerful, and downloads received truly life-changing. Thank you so much! I’m beyond grateful for all that you helped me release.


I had never heard of Theta healing, so I was not sure exactly what to expect. However, I was surprised to go into the session and come out feeling like I had gone to a cleansing of the soul. While at first, I was not sure exactly what happened - I only felt lighter in the heart when I said goodbye to Isabel - I started to feel (as Isabel had explained in the session) shifts happening in my day.

I felt grounded with clarity, but not in the sense of suddenly coming up with a burst of ideas. The clarity was close to a state of being clear of anxiety and other constraining emotions or feelings. The very same evening, I had one of the most interesting and deep conversations with my husband. We talked about what his beliefs are, and found some insights together about how he sees and experiences the world - which showed me another side of him that I had not known about. All in all, I feel more connected to myself, and lighter. Would definitely recommend for anyone who feels a sense of heaviness or anxiety and has not been able to let it go! Thank you Isabel!


I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as I had only recently heard of theta healing. We started off, just talking casually about our day, which really helped me to relax and not be as nervous.

We, then, got into potential blocks for me, which was more like a casual conversation with a friend. Isabel has such a warmth to her. She also asked me for my permission before starting, which I also really appreciated. She was patient with me, which was good, because my blocks were causing my ego to try and justify what was happening, so there were moments my thoughts would jump around.

We called to Creator to help me, as well as did an exercise for me to work with something, deep in my past. We both envisioned light surrounding me as my blocks were lifted. She taught me about muscle testing and I felt tingles all throughout my upper body!

Days later, I’m still feeling the effects of our session. The way I view life, others and the universe have all changed. I feel like this has initiated another spiritual awakening in me. People look brighter, my stress has decreased. This was an absolutely life-changing experience for me. I think everyone should do theta healing with the warm, patient and talented Isabel!


Isabel came into my life when I needed not only direction but help in my discovery of self and purpose.  Through my sessions, I was able to work through emotions, thoughts, and experiences that shaped my very fragile mentality.  I cannot praise her infallible abilities and strength-based coaching enough. She has positively transformed not only my life but the lives of my sons through her invaluable coaching and emotions clearing sessions. I truly believe that she was sent to me during a time of need and propelled me to a place of greater self-awareness and self-love as well as sent me on a beautiful journey of healing. Her gifts are remarkable and beyond powerful and should be shared with the world! 


Isabel Hundt is wonderful! I had an awesome emotional clearing session and enjoyed it very much. Isabel helped me to release anxiety, rejection, sadness, sorrow, and despair along with other trapped emotions that needed to be released. After the clearing session, I felt lighter and more at peace. I felt great! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to release emotions in a caring, supportive and comfortable way. Thank you, Isabel.