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About Me & My Philosophy

I began my journey into the depths of myself after moving from Germany to the USA as a young adult, where I had to eventually understand that I would never truly connect with a new culture without exploring the emotions and conflicting messages that came with labels, unconscious bias, trauma, and a false identity I felt compelled to protect. While my self-discovery process was not pretty, a shift began to happen that has led me toward a deep sense of oneness with everyone and everything around me today. 


I have been gifted with a phenomenon called synesthesia, which is a gift I was born with that allows me to see everything in color – letters, numbers, words, people, and even groups of people. For years I did not understand this gift I’d been given, but as I dug deeper into why I experience the world in this way I noticed that the colors change according to the emotional state of a person or the emotional context in which a word or number is used. That realization opened my eyes to the ways in which our internal emotional state impacts the way we experience one another and the world around us. I began to see the world as a beautiful dance that evokes compassion and sincere love for humanity - from those closest to me to the stranger in a parking lot. I now acknowledge this awareness as soul-connection within our oneness.


As a sociologist, I learned to operate within statistics and empirical studies. However, I noticed over time that there are other elements at play in the world that creates factions of “us versus them.” Over hundreds of years, both religion and science have boxed up groups of people who are different from one another without fully exploring the energetic dynamics that connect every living being. I could see that connection in living color.

It wasn’t until I got involved in spiritual work that I was able to see how much more deeply the world can be understood by bringing together spirituality and science, rather than assuming those two worlds are mutually exclusive. Spirituality, based on an understanding of metaphysics, quantum physics, philosophy, and religion, can actually lead toward a broader awareness of self and a deeper understanding of all the dynamics at play in the world.

My goal with my work is not to tell people what to do or how to act, but rather invite them to examine their thoughts, emotions, and connections to themselves and others in hopes of creating curiosity. Out of curiosity comes a willingness to understand and explore the worlds inside ourselves. And, when we are able to detach from what we previously thought defined us, we no longer have to constantly stay in “defense mode” to protect the fictional identities we unknowingly learned from society.

My desire is to support people I come in contact with - in form of client work and daily interactions -  to observe their experiences, ask more questions, and raise their awareness of their conditioning so the world as a whole might benefit. After all, I’m convinced that we each hold the keys that unlock our world’s most divisive problems; but when we understand the power of our connection to humanity, our world can heal and become a place where we can all thrive together. 

When I am not working with clients on healing their trauma, or working on a new film project, you can either find me hanging out and having a great time with my family, hiking (or playing disc golfing), reading a good book, or meditating. My life revolves around living a life that is environmentally sustainable and supports our Mother Earth, conscious parenting, holistic health, and finding the magic in every day's experience of life. Oh, and let's not forget, my Spirit animal is the hawk and my favorite flower is the sunflower. 

Education and Certifications

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BS in Social Science/ Sociology at University of Siegen, Germany

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ICF certified Ontological Coach

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Certified Thetahealer 

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Emotions Clearing Practitioner

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Certified Reiki Master

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Somatic Psychology - Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma

(My husband has a degree in Naturopathy/ Nutritional Counselor/ Master Herbalist whose knowledge is being integrated into my own work when working with clients)

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